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To set up an HP printer on any device (computer, phone, etc.), you need to download the appropriate driver for your HP printer. To do this, simply select the correct printer model before downloading the driver (support software).

However, before setting up your HP 123 printer, please note the following important points.

We have listed all HP printer models below. Select the appropriate model to download the driver. in USA/Canada.

When setting up, always make sure the HP printer is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the system. This can be done by turning on the printer’s Wi-Fi switch to discover it on the network.

Before starting the installation, check the firewall settings to make sure the firewall is not blocking the printer driver.

Select your model for setup, driver download or troubleshooting

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HP Envy Printer

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HP OfficeJet Pro printer

If you have any problems with your HP OfficeJet printer, call us immediately and we’ll fix the problem today.

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HP DeskJet inkjet printerTo in USA/Canada. find a solution for your HP DeskJet printer, call our experts and solve your problems today

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HP LaserJet Printer

If you need advice on your HP Laserjet printers, solve all your problems in one call to our experts.

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Set up your HP printer at 123.hp.com/setup: step by step

The problem has not yet been resolved. Run our diagnostic tool to check your printer

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123 HP Com Setup – How to Connect an HP Printer to a Router (Wireless Setup)

First, turn on your wireless printer and use the touchscreen to configure your HP wireless printer.

Press the “Configuration” button on the touchscreen and select “Network” from the menu.

Then select “Wireless Network Setup Wizard” from the “Network” menu. Your HP printer will then scan for wireless routers within range. Select your network from the list.

Enter the network WEP/WPA password and click Finish. Now click “OK” to confirm pairing. Then press OK again to print the Wireless Network Test Report.

Your HP printer is now connected to your wireless network.

Finally, download and install the printer driver from the HP com 123 setup page (http://www.hp.com/123) to complete the process.

Windows Setup Mac Setup Mobile Phone Setup

Important factors for trouble-free printing: After setup via http://www.hp.com/123

Users should ensure that the print head is clean and free of dust. Dust on the printhead may cause clogging during printing.

The printhead is free of dust.

There are two ways to remove or clean the dust, one is automatic and the other is manual with a cloth. This allows the printer to do its job efficiently without jamming.

Do not send too many print in USA/Canada. jobs to the HP printer at the same time as this may cause errors when printing.

Always print from the printer in normal and draft mode; It will type faster. However, printing at a higher resolution or higher quality mode will slightly slow down the printing process.

Remove the document separator, as it prevents the user from printing blank pages on the HP printer at the right time to publish.

Also make sure that the version of the operating system you are using is the latest. If this version is outdated, the user may encounter problems while configuring the HP wireless printer.

The print paper must be clean to print quickly. Other selected papers may cause printing problems with your HP printer.

Take care of your HP printer cartridges and make sure they don’t dry out with occasional use. A delay in cartridge reloading can be another cause of cartridge wear.

HP Support Assistant 8.8.2

123.hp.com/setup and express install methods in USA/Canada.

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