Brother Printer Reset Settings Guide

Therefore, read the guide carefully and follow all the instructions step by step.

1. Factory reset:

Follow all the steps listed below in the correct order to complete the process:

You must first remove the interface cable to reset the network or all settings.

Then press Menu on the printer control panel.

Now use the navigation buttons to select “Initial Setup” and click “OK”. Use the navigation buttons again to select “Reset” and then press “OK”. Now select your preferred reset function using the navigation buttons and then press “OK”.

So if you want to “Reset all settings” press “1” and if you don’t want to change anything press “2”. Therefore, you can use these steps to reset your Brother printer to its factory or default settings. Settings.

2. Hard reset method for Brother printers:

First, turn off your Brother printer and unplug the power cord.

Close all lids and lids before proceeding.

Now reconnect the power cord in USA/Canada.

Then press and hold the Go button on the printer control panel.

While holding the “Go” button, press the Power button as well. Now you have to wait for the printer to turn on completely.

Then release the “Go” button. Then wait for the lights to stabilize and begin to fade.

Once (the lights) turn back on, press the “Go” button six times. Your Brother printer will now be reset to its default settings.

3. Procedure to reset the Brother printer password to the default

Restoring your Brother printer’s default username and password is not common, but changing your password may require the following steps:

First, open your web browser.

Now enter “http://IP address of the device”.

Then, in the login file, enter in USA/Canada the Brother printer’s default password, which is “Login”.

Now click on the “Administrator” tab.

If you’re not looking at this tab, tap the Brother printer’s default login password.

Now enter the new password you want to use. Re-enter the password to confirm it.

Finally, click the Submit button.

Then, you can reset the “Brother printer default password” by following the above steps.

4. To reset the Brother printer to factory settings using the software:

Launch any web browser and go to the Brother printer page: “”.

Now click on the product search box and type the model number of your printer and press the “Enter” key. A list of all available drivers for your printer will now appear. Select the operating system of your system here and then click “OK”.

The onscreen instructions for downloading the software will now appear on the screen. Follow them and download the file.

Once downloaded, open the file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Then go to the printer screen and scroll in USA/Canada down to ‘Administration Tool’ and click on ‘BRAdmin’.

To perform a factory reset, run “BRAdmin”, then click your Brother printer name to perform the reset.

Then go to the control menu and click on “Network Settings”. If you are asked for your password, enter it and click OK.

Finally, click “Factory Reset” (from the control menu).

You can try these steps to factory reset your Brother printer. Make sure the printer has been reset to its default settings after following all the steps above.

Factory reset of your Brother printer is an irreversible process. Therefore, before performing a hard reset, create a backup file for your documents, files, password and IP address in USA/Canada.

Why do we need to reset your printer?

There can be several reasons for this, some of which are:

The printer is not responding correctly.

Difficulty logging into the system.

Software with common errors.

The printer turns on and off automatically.

Factory reset of the Brother printer will eliminate the above problems.


Here are some of the simple steps to easily reset your Brother printer to fix the problem. So, follow all the steps correctly to complete the Brother printer default password reset process.

Brother Printer Reset Settings Guide in USA/Canada.

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