Canon IJ Setup Process – Steps to Connect With IJ Start Canon

In this article we have steps to install canon ij printer using canon http ij boot path. We also cover how to set up wired and wireless connectivity for Windows and Mac OS.

Start on Canon Windows Printer (Wireless) – Start with the http ij canon command

• First download and install the Canon printer driver from this website.

• Then start the Canon printer.

• Then open the installation wizard by opening the download driver installation file. From there, follow the instructions on the page until you see the option to select the wireless option.

• Now select the Wireless option, go to the Canon Printers page and click the Wireless Settings button.

• Select Device Settings and click OK.

• Then select Settings > LAN Settings and click OK.

• Then open “LAN Settings”, select “Wireless LAN Configuration” and click “OK”. The printer searches for an access point.

• Make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on. The Wi-Fi indicator on the printer is off.

• The next screen displays network information. Select the WiFi network from the list and click OK.

• You will be prompted to enter the VPA/VEP key (VLAN password). Enter the correct password and click OK.

• The printer connects to a Wi-Fi network in minutes in Canada / USA.

• For example, you can easily configure Canon ij flash devices for Windows systems by following the above steps.

Follow these steps to verify that the printer is connected to your Windows system:

• First open the control panel and select Devices and Printers.

• If you see the green icon on the printer on the next page, look here. Otherwise, click Add Printer and add it manually.

• A list of printers appears on the screen. Select your Canon printer here.

• Click Next and wait a few seconds to add the printer.

• After connection, a green icon is added to the printer.

If you cannot resolve the problem, run our diagnostic tool to check the printer.

Steps To install Canon ij printer on Windows via USB

• First download the printer driver from Canon and go to to complete the installation.

• Then connect the printer and the Windows system using the USB cable.

• In the Windows search box, open the Run box, type Control Panel, and click OK.

• Select devices and printers here. You will see your printer in green.

• If you don’t see your printer here, you can add it manually by clicking Add Printer.

• Finally, the printer is connected and ready for use.

Perform Canon printer installation on Mac using

• First download and install the driver from and proceed to the next step.

• Now make sure that your printer and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network (these steps are described in the first part of this article).

• Then tap the Apple logo in the top right corner of your Mac to open System Preferences, or you can open it from the search options.

• Click the Printers and Scanners printer icon.

• Click the “+” button in the lower right corner of the screen to open a pop-up window.

  • • The name of the printer is displayed in a white box. Click to start the installation process and follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  • • Finally, when the installation is complete, the available printer will be marked with a green checkmark. You can then create a test script to test the printer settings.
  • How can I print?
  • • First, make sure that the correct version of the printer in Canada / USA driver is installed on the machine. Type “ij.start.cannon” to install the printer driver.
  • • Then remove the input tray from the Canon printer and add paper.
  • • Log on to your computer and open the document you want to print.
  • • Right-click the file or document and select Print. Or press CTRL+P to enter the command.
  • • Features, quality, print size, paper density, etc. change and modify print settings.
  • How to scan a printer?
  • • First, download Canon IJ Scan Utility – “ij” from the Canon website. Call for help. canonical source.
  • • After downloading the software, double-click to install the tool on your computer in Canada / USA.
  • • After installing the driver, start the scanner program.
  • • Then place the print paper on the glass surface of the scanner.
  • • Then go to “View” and click “Scan Photos”.
  • • Click on the text and change the settings as needed.
  • • Canon will start searching for the printer.
  • decision:
  • This document describes all the settings required to configure the printer. So, by following the above steps, you can successfully install the printer on Windows and Mac devices using http // ij boot canon. Discussion is available for further clarification.
  • disclaimer This is not an official Canon website and the information provided here is for educational purposes only. Those who refuse to convert are listed on our site.
  • Canon IJ Setup Process – Steps to Connect With IJ Start Canon in Canada / USA

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