Connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi for Windows and MAC

HP printers can be connected to a computer using a wired or wireless connection. Therefore, in this article, we explain the process of “connecting HP printer via WiFi network and USB cable” for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Steps to connect your HP printer to your wireless network using Wi-Fi Protected Setup

For a wireless connection, it is very important that the printer be on the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. Follow these steps to learn how to connect an HP printer to a Wi-Fi router:

First, press and hold the power button on your HP printer to turn it on.

Press and hold the power button on the HP Deskjet printer

Go to the HP touch screen and click on the right arrow and tap on the settings option.

Now select “Wireless Setup Wizard” from the network menu.

Now select the Wireless Setup Wizard on the HP Deskjet touchscreen

The WLAN router within range is looking for the access point.

Now select “Wireless Network ID” from the suggested list in USA / Canada.

You will then be prompted for a password. Enter your WEP and WPA network password (your WiFi password) and tap Done.

Enter the WEP and WPA network key into the HP Deskjet

Press “OK” to confirm the WiFi settings.

After completing these steps, your HP printer will connect to your Wi-Fi network.

HP printer Wi-Fi connection using the WPS push button method:

Printers can also be installed on a Wi-Fi network using the WPS method. Follow the steps below for installation instructions:

First, place the printer near your wireless router.

Now press and hold the WiFi button on the printer for 5 seconds until the WiFi LED starts flashing.

Wireless connection method for HP printers

Then, press and hold the WPS button on your router and the WPS icon for about 2 minutes or until the connection process begins.

Hpprinter wifi connectionWait until the wireless light (bar) on the printer stops flashing. This indicates that the printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi network. This should fix the “Your HP printer won’t connect to WiFi” issue.After successfully setting up your printer on your wireless network, you can also move on to the next part to find the “How to connect an HP printer to a Windows or Mac device with WiFi” solution.

Steps to connect a wireless (WiFi) HP printer in Windows

It’s easy to learn “how to connect ahp printer to a wireless network” on your windows system. Just follow these steps-

Turn on your HP printer, Windows PC, and wireless router.

Make sure the printer and computer are connected correctly.

Then connect your HP printer to your Wi-Fi network by following the steps in the previous section.

Now open the browser on your computer and go to to download the HP printer driver.

Select your model from the printer list

Click Download. Once the download is complete, double click the driver software in USA / Canada and follow the prompts to complete the installation on your computer.

Then go to “Control Panel” in Windows search option.

Search Control Panel in the search bar

Now select the “Devices and Printers” option.

device and printer

In the next window that appears, select “Add a printer”.

add printer

After that, a list of HP printer models will appear on the screen. Select your model and click “Next” and wait for the installation to complete.

Your HP wireless printer will now connect to your Windows computer.

By following these steps, you can fix the HP printer not connecting to the wireless network in Windows.

Follow the steps in “Connecting HP Wireless Setup (WiFi) on MAC OS”

This section explains how to connect your HP Wifi printer to your Mac device. Just follow this quick guide:

Turn on your HP printer, your Mac, and your wireless router.

Then make sure your Mac is properly connected to the printer and wireless router.

Also, make sure your Mac and HP printer are on the same in USA / Canada Wi-Fi network (see the first section of this article for instructions).

Then go to and click on the printer driver download option.

Then set up the driver software on your MAC by following the instructions in the HP Easy Smart app.

After the installation is complete, open the “Apple Menu” and select “System and Preferences.”


From there, select the “Printers and Scanners” option, as this is where you can add your HP printer.

printers and scanners

Now in the Printers and Scanners window, click on the + sign to add your printer.

A list of printers opens. Select your HP wireless printer from the list and click Add.

add a printer

Finally your printer connects and your HP printer does not connect to WiFi, the problem is solved.

Here are the steps for HP printer not connecting to WiFi problem.

Conclusion: We hope the above setup steps help you connect your HP Wi-Fi printer to your Windows and Mac devices.

Connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi for Windows and MAC in USA / Canada

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