Fix Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem

In this article, we have explained the solution to Epson printer not connecting to WiFi with Windows PC and Mac. So let’s start connecting the printer to the wireless network by creating a connection between the router and the printer via the WiFi network.

First, make sure your Epson printer and wireless router are turned on.

Then go to the printer control panel > press the “Start” button.

Press the arrow button (left or right), select Settings > Network settings > Choose wireless settings and press “OK”.

Click OK until the option appears. Then select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard and click OK. Once the on-screen network search is complete, select the network name from the list of networks displayed. Next, enter your WiFi password, wait a few seconds, then press the OK button again. Now your Epson printer is finally connected to your WiFi network.

So after the success of “Epson Connect Printer Setup” on WiFi network, let’s focus on printer setup on Windows PC and Mac.

Steps to fix Epson printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi error in Windows.

Here we have explained the steps to set up Epson printer on Windows PC. This can be done by following the steps below:

First turn on your printer, Windows PC and router

Make sure the printer and PC are connected correctly.

Then connect the Epson printer to your WiFi network (steps explained in the previous section).

Now go to your browser and open the Epson driver download page and set up a compatible printer driver.

Once the download is complete, in USA/Canada double-click the driver file and follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the printer driver installation.

Now open “Control Panel” via Windows search option. After that, select the “Devices and Printers” option. Now select the “Add a printer” option on the next screen that appears.

After that, a list of available printers will appear on the screen. Select your Epson printer there and click “Next”.

Then wait for a few seconds and your Epson wireless printer will connect to your Windows PC.

So, by following the steps above, you can easily fix Epson printer not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Solution for “Epson printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi on Mac”

Here we explain how to connect Epson wireless printer to your Mac device.

Follow the steps below for a complete setup guide:

Turn on your Epson printer, Mac device and wireless router.

Now connect your Epson printer to your WiFi network (see the first section of this article for instructions).

Then download the compatible driver for your printer from Epson’s driver download page.

Complete the driver installation process on your Mac OS as well

Once the setup is complete, open the “Apple Menu” and select the “System Preferences” option. Now select the “Printers and Scanners” option.

Then in the next window click the + sign to add the printer.

A list of available printers is then displayed. From here, select your Epson printer and click the “Add” option.

Finally, your Epson printer will now be connected to your Mac device.

So, here are the steps to set up Epson Connect wireless printer on Mac.

Fix Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem in USA/Canada.

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