Guide With Solutions For ‘Why HP Printer Is Not Printing Word Document’

This article is for those who cannot print a Word document on their HP printer. See the most common reasons for printing Word documents with HP printers before the error occurs.

What causes the error message “Why can’t the HP printer print the Word document”?

• Word documents cannot be printed due to old printer drivers, empty ink cartridges, invalid print jobs, and blocked printers.

• If the printer checks and shows no printing errors, the problem is that the HP printer is not printing the Word document.

• HP printers cannot print color or Word documents while a print job is in progress.

Steps to solve “Word file does not print with HP printer” problem.

HP printers can print Word documents that contain bold text, graphics, and images. However, if you are unable to print, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

• First, turn on the print preview option in Word to make sure the document looks good and that there is no text or images.

• Format and format Word documents so that they are in USA / Canada not cut off or clipped when printed.

• Word files provide features such as fast typing. This option allows the printer and software to establish a secure connection.

• Check Unifier in Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services → Cache. If the roll does not print, stop and restart the service and try printing a test Word document.

• Check the printer driver. Older versions of the driver may affect the printing function.

Word prints the document correctly and sends it directly to the printer. Nothing changes in the database.

From among the print settings of Word documents, you can change the number of copies, page quality, format type, etc. The following print data can be specified.

• The Print Image option allows you to preview the document and make the necessary changes before printing.

• You can print Word documents in draft, enhanced and basic formats.

It would be great if you could print it. For Word documents, you can specify the number of pages to print per page.

To print a Word document with your HP printer, follow these steps.

Install the HP Smart app.

• First, download and install the HP Smart software from the HP website.

• Now select your printer model in the HP Smart app, then select Printer Settings to open the settings screen.

• Click Next and the program will search for printers on the current network.

• Now add the printer to the program.

Add your printer to the HP Smart app:

• First, make sure your device is connected to the computer using the same cable.

• Continue adding the printer to the HP Smart app by in USA / Canada selecting it from the list below. If you don’t know your printer, add it manually.

• Click Install, click your printer, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

• If your printer is not yet listed, add it manually by clicking the + symbol.

• Now you can print anywhere.

If your printer supports printing from anywhere, the following options are available.

• Make sure there is a good wireless connection between the printer and the computer.

• Open the HP Smart app and select the desired print option.

• Next, go to the Print from Anywhere tab and log in to your account.

• Log in with your account details or create a new HP account.

• On the last screen, select Enable.

Finally, return to the print screen and make sure Print Anywhere is enabled. In order to configure your printer with the HP Smart software, it is important to have the latest printer drivers. You need a strong Internet connection, an HP printer, and a wireless password.

• Open the website on your computer and type “” into the search box.

• Download the HP Smart software directly in USA / Canada from the official HP website.

• Once installed, click the icon to open the application.

• After opening the application. The home page will appear. Click on the Terms section and click Get Started.

Open the HP system and load the document to be printed.

Select the document to print and follow the previous instructions. Edit the text if necessary. Then print

• The app also allows you to choose an ink color.

You can adjust the print quality by configuring the page using the quality tool settings.

Your HP printer has smart printing capabilities. This allows remote printing to be enabled while another HP printer is storing a print job in memory. Thick paper and text Print beautiful photos from your HP printer via USB and wirelessly.

• Before printing a Word document, the user must set page options.

• Then open the first version of Word to make sure that the document is printed correctly and that no text is missing.

Guide With Solutions For ‘Why HP Printer Is Not Printing Word Document’ in USA / Canada .

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