How to Send Recurring Emails in Gmail

Sending recurring emails in Gmail can be useful for tasks like sending regular updates, reminders, or scheduled messages. While Gmail itself doesn’t offer a built-in feature for recurring emails, you can achieve this using third-party tools and browser extensions.automatic email gmail in USA. In this guide, we’ll explore three solutions for sending recurring emails in Gmail: using Google Sheets and an add-on, using browser extensions, and using third-party email scheduling services.

Solution 1: Google Sheets and Google Apps Script

Create a Google Sheet:
Start by creating a new Google Sheet. In the first column, list the recipient email addresses, subject lines, message bodies, and the frequency of recurrence for each email in USA.

Install Google Apps Script:
Open the Google Sheet, go to “Extensions” > “Apps Script,” and paste the following code:

function sendRecurringEmails() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
var data = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();

for (var i = 1; i < data.length; i++) {
var emailAddress = data[i][0];
var subject = data[i][1];
var message = data[i][2];

GmailApp.sendEmail(emailAddress, subject, message);
Set Up Triggers:
Go to “Edit” > “Current project’s triggers.” Add a new trigger that runs the sendRecurringEmails function at the desired recurrence interval (daily, weekly, etc.) in USA.
Solution 2: Browser Extensions

Install a Browser Extension:
There are browser extensions like “Boomerang for Gmail” or “Gmelius” that provide email scheduling features, including recurring emails.automatic email gmail Install the extension from your browser’s extension store.

Compose the Email:
Open the Gmail compose window and write the email you want to send. Use the extension’s scheduling options to set the recurrence interval (daily, weekly, etc.).

Set Recurrence:
Within the extension’s settings, choose the frequency and timing for the recurring email in USA. The extension will automatically send the email at the specified intervals.

Solution 3: Third-Party Email Scheduling Services

Choose a Service:
automatic email gmail
There are several third-party email scheduling services available, such as “Sendinblue,” “Mailgun,” and “SendPulse.” Sign up for an account on the chosen platform.

Add Recipients:
Once registered, import your recipient list to the service. This might involve creating a contact list or using a CSV file in USA.

Compose the Email:
Use the platform’s email composer to create the email you want to send. Most services provide WYSIWYG editors for easy email creation.

Set Recurrence:
Look for the scheduling or automation options in the platform. Configure the recurrence settings (daily, weekly, etc.) and specify the email sending time.

Activate the Campaign:
Activate the recurring email campaign. The service will automatically send the email to the specified recipients based on your recurrence settings in USA.

In conclusion, sending recurring emails in Gmail is achievable through various methods.automatic email gmail Using Google Sheets and Google Apps Script provides a customizable solution, while browser extensions offer simplicity and convenience. Third-party email scheduling services are ideal for those who want a more robust solution with advanced automation features. Choose the method that best suits your needs and workflow to effectively send recurring emails in Gmail in USA.

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