How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Problems

The article here is aimed at helping users to fix Canon printer blank pages printing issue with proper procedural steps.

Top reasons for printing blank pages with Canon printers

Here are the most common reasons why your Canon Pixma in USA/Canada. printer prints blank pages:

There may be a default setting in your Canon printer hardware or printer drivers.

There may be a problem with the cartridge as it may not be installed correctly

Low ink levels or other basic problems can cause your Canon printer to print blank pages.

Due to a vacuum blockage in the printing device.

Some corrupted software can also cause this problem.

Steps to fix Canon Pixma printer blank page printing problem.

To resolve the blank page printing issue of your Canon printer, follow the steps below carefully:

Deep cleaning via printer settings

Open the Control Panel from the Windows desktop screen, then open the Devices and Printers link.

From here select “Properties” after right clicking on the model name of your Canon printer.

Check “Device Settings” in the “Printer Properties” area and click “Settings”.

Now select the “Printhead Option” option in the “Preferences” option. After that, click on the Printhead Cleaning and Services option.

You may need to use the above option in the previous point several times until the print head is cleaned properly.

In the “Maintenance” tab, select the “Basic Cleaning” and “Nozzle Check” options.

Run test print here to make sure the printer is printing correctly or not.

Update the printer driver

Follow this simple procedure to fix Canon printer not printing in USA/Canada. blank pages. Here you need to update the printer driver by following the steps below:

First, click Windows Start key + S key to open the search box. Then click “Device Manager”.

After opening Device Manager, point to the Print Spooler option and expand it.

Then right click on the printer, choose the “Update Driver” option and check if the update is available or not.

Now select the “Update” option and install it.

When finished, restart your system and run a test print.

Reinstall the Canon printer driver:

If the printer continues to print blank pages, reinstall the driver by following these steps:

Go to the Control Panel, open Programs and Features and locate the printer driver.

Right click on the driver software and press Uninstall

Restart your system and download the printer driver again from ij start canon

ventilation strip:

This should be checked and removed immediately after shutdown to create a vacuum in the container. This, in turn, prevents ink from bleeding onto the paper, resulting in blank pages.

Install a new cartridge before it dries out:

It’s always a good idea to replace the old cartridge before it dries out and the ink is completely used up. Your printer is giving you low ink signals.

Avoid using inferior and generic third-party ink cartridges:

Make sure you always use the correct ink cartridge, as this nearly eliminates the risk of clogged ink cartridge nozzles. Therefore, try to use genuine Canon ink cartridges in your printer.

Check the documents you printed:

It may happen that the document you are trying to print is already empty. in USA/Canada. You can find and print the corrected document again.

Expose the printheads

This problem also occurs when the printer is not used for a long time. Therefore, clean the blocked parts of the cartridge thoroughly by following the steps below:

First, turn off the printer and remove the printheads to expose them.

Remove the cartridge from the Canon printer.

Then wipe the printer with a clean, soft cloth.

Install a new ink cartridge and use the printer

We hope your problem with Canon printers printing blank pages has been resolved.

Important point to avoid the problem of blank page printing

Regular printing is essential as it ensures an even flow of ink, thus preventing clogging.

Use only high quality generic cartridges and make sure the nozzles are not clogged or blocked.

Store the printer in a cool, dry place to prevent the ink in the print head from clotting or solidifying.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Problems in USA/Canada.

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