Steps For Installing Canon Printer Without CD on Windows & Mac Operating System

This document provides instructions for using a Canon printer for CD-free printing on Windows and Mac computers. Your Canon printer should come with the necessary cables and cords.

How to wirelessly install a Canon CD printer in Windows: How to use the Canon printer driver?

Wireless connection to Windows without CD

This example explains how to use Canon Printer Installer to connect the printer without CD in Windows.

• First, try connecting your Canon printer to a Windows computer using the printer’s USB cable.

• Click [Devices and Printers] on the [Start] button. Then, on the new screen that appears, click on the printer icon and select properties.

• Enter the name and model number of your Canon printer here, then click OK to clear the operation screen.

• Right-click Computer in the Start menu and select Manage in Settings.

• Click Device Manager on the left side of the screen. Click another device from the list of recommended options.

• In the same window, right-click on the model and select Update Driver.

• In the next window that appears on the screen, find the drivers for my computer.

• Click on I want to choose one of the default drivers on my computer. Then press Print and Next.

• In the next window, select a driver from the list and click Next.

• Follow the on-screen instructions and click Next.

• Click Finish when the Printer Added Successfully message appears.

• After installing these tests, restart your computer.

• Once your computer is found, go to Types and Printers in the Start menu and select Printer Settings.

• Print a test page.

• The state press is full and ready.

By following the steps above, you can easily print on a Canon printer in USA / Canada without connecting a CD cable to Windows.

If in doubt, immunize the printer.

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Wireless Windows CD Drive – use Canon printer

Here are some things you’ll need to print to a Canon wireless printer in Windows without a CD.

• The existing site must have a physical VPS server.

• The network must use Wi-Fi Protected Access or VPA2.

Instructions are given:

• First, make sure the printer is turned on. Press and hold the printer’s Wi-Fi button until the error light flashes at least once.

• Place it next to the flashing blue dot. Open the printed page and download the VPS in two minutes.

• When the printer is connected to a wireless network, the Power and Wi-Fi lights should blink and stay on.

• Your Canon printer is connected to your wireless device and you can now print a sample.

• Visit the Canon website for complete information on each printer.

How to install Canon printer on Mac without CD:

These steps will help you install Canon printers for Mac and Canon printers without CD.

• Trace the previous printer first to connect wirelessly.

• Then download the printer driver.

• Print continuously.

• Then click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

• Click Printers & Scanners.

• Press + to add a printer password. A printed copy of the plan in USA / Canada will appear on the screen. Select and click OK. After installation, the printer is ready.
Wireless connection on Mac without CD

The following steps will guide you to fully install your Canon Printer on Mac from CD.

• First, Open the Canon Drivers Startup website and enter the printer model number on the screen. Then click the “Drivers and Startup” button and “Next”.

• On the next page that asks for a user password, enter the password to install the support tool. Then click apply.

• Click Next on the next page.

• On the next screen, you will be asked to select USB and wireless connection types. Among them, select “wireless connection”.

• Here, make sure that the power is on and click Next.

• On the next screen, select Network Connection.

• When a wireless network connection appears, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer in USA / Canada until the yellow light blinks twice. After the second riot he was released.

• Make the Wi-Fi blue light blink quickly and the green light solid. Click on the next button.

• On the next page, select the current region and click Next.

• On the next page, select your site and click Next.

• By clicking Yes, you agree to terminate the User License Agreement on the last page.

• On the next page, click Add Printer.

• On the next page, select the driver version for your Canon printer model and click Add.

• In the last step click Next!

conclusion I hope the above information will help you to install canon printer software on Mac and Windows without CD. If you need further assistance, we recommend that you display the phone number on the screen.

Steps For Installing Canon Printer Without CD on Windows & Mac Operating System in USA / Canada

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