What Should I Do if HP Printer is Not printing Color & Black Ink Correctly

In this article, we will look at the main causes of HP color printer printing problem. Also, the troubleshooting steps are presented very simply.
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HP printer does not print. Color problems are usually caused by the following three main problems:

  1. Damaged color ink cartridge.
  2. The printer is not working properly.
  3. Color printing is not included.
    The easiest way to fix an HP printer is not a color problem
  4. Set the printer to Default.
    It is very important that the printer is always set as the default. This can be done as follows -.
    • Go to the Windows search bar, open the Run dialog box, type Control Panel, and then click OK.

• When the device window opens, click Devices and Printers.

• A list of all available printers will now appear. Right-click on the desired HP printer and select “Set as default printer”.

• A green icon will appear on the printer screen. So your printer is set up and ready to go.

So this should fix the HP printer enabled but not the printing issue. However, if you still have problems printing, go to the next step.

  1. Enable the printer color command to solve the “HP printer color not printing correctly” error.
    After making sure that the color printing feature is enabled on your printer, you can fix the “HP color printer not printing” issue. This can be done by following simple steps:
    • In the Windows startup options, select Settings.

• Click here on Printers.

• Right-click the print icon and select Properties.

• On the property page, click Print Options.

• Click the Paper/Standard tab and select Color. Then click OK and close the page.

• Make a test print and receive a color print of your choice.
• If “Your HP printer does not print in color”, select “Print in grayscale”.
• If the HP Envy printer is not printing in color, make sure it is not turned off.

  1. The HP printer needs to be replaced or reinstalled.
    The print head is an important part of the printing process because it applies ink to the paper and creates visible characters. Therefore, a faulty print head is another problem that can cause the “HP printer not printing in color” problem.

Follow these steps to clean the printhead:
• Go to the Start button, find Control Panel, and click Drivers and Printers.

• On the next page, find the printer icon, right-click on it, and select Properties.

• In the new window that appears, click > Material, then in the next window, click Erase Ink.

Follow the on-screen instructions to clean the print head, and then try to print.

  1. HP printer leaks ink
    One of the many reasons is that the root in USA / Canada cause of the “HP printer stops printing color text” problem is that the toner has run out. So, before you face the problem of HP printer not printing in color, check the ink cartridges and replace them if necessary.
    Follow these steps to check and replace the switch:
    • Carefully open the front cover of the printer and check the ink levels. If there is not enough ink, fill a new bottle.

• If the color is saturated and the HP printer colors are not printing correctly, the next step is to check the ink expiration date. Expired ink is difficult to use because it dries and crumbles.

• If a color runs out, insert a new color and continue printing to solve the HP Envy printer not printing in color problem.Still not able to resolve ‘HP printer will not print black’ issue ? Run our Diagnostic Tool for printer check up
Printer Diagnostic Tool

Troubleshooting “HP printer prints incorrect colors”.
Playing the video
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Troubleshooting steps to fix your HP printer not printing black ink
Here are the solutions to fix the HP printer black ink printing problem:

  1. Start the Scan Doctor
    You can use the “Scan Doctor” utility to fix printing in USA / Canada problems on your HP printer. It also works as a solution to these problems.
    • First go to the official HP page and click “Download Print and Scan Doctor”.
    • This will download a file called HPPSdr.exe
    • Now open this file to install the application.
    • When finished, click “Start” and then “Next”. Also, follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  2. Align the print head
    Most HP printers have an adjustable printhead alignment option in the printer’s maintenance menu or control panel.
    Follow the steps below to adjust the print head to fix “The HP printer does not print black ink correctly”.
    Make sure the setup process is complete before using the printer.
    • Load the plain paper into the input tray.
    • Adjust the paper width guide until it touches the edge of the paper.
    • Open Printer Options using the Control Panel, then select Tools, then Printer Maintenance Menu > Align Printheads or Cartridges
    • If your printer has a scanner, follow the instructions on the alignment page to scan and complete the alignment. If not, restart the printer or send a print job.
    I hope the “HP printer does not print in black and white” issue has in USA / Canada been resolved. If not, follow the next step.
  3. Update your HP printer drivers
    Follow the steps below to update the drivers to fix improper black ink printing on your HP printer.
    Hold down the Windows key and press the R key to enter the Run dialog. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog.
    When the Device Manager window opens, click the arrow to expand the print queue.
    • Right-click one of the HP printers listed in this category.
    • Select “Change Driver” from the menu. Then select “Search” to search for updated driver software.
    • Now that the driver has been updated, the message “The best driver software for your device has been installed” appears. Therefore, you do not need to update your HP printer driver in this case.
    • After resetting the printer, restart the computer to see if the changes are complete.
    By following these steps above, the HP printer will not print a black issue from your device.
  4. What Should I Do if HP Printer is Not printing Color & Black Ink Correctly in USA / Canada

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