What to do If My Canon Printer Print Slowly?

The article here helps users to fix the slow printing issue of their Canon printer. Let’s start with all the steps one by one

Here are the effective and quick steps to fix Canon printer slow print speed error:

Interrupting/interrupting the entire print process:

User can cancel printing and fix Canon printer slow printing issue by following these simple steps:

Before starting the process, make sure that all cables are properly connected to your Canon printer and turned on.

Select “View devices and printers” after clicking “Control Panel”.

Select your Canon printer as the default printer here. Next, change the printer properties by right clicking on the printer and making sure all ports are disabled.

Click the “OK” button here in this step. Then open the “Taskbar” and click on the printer icon which shows the task list.

Continuing from the previous step, cancel all jobs and you can now start printing again.

Use draft mode: The printer’s draft mode helps users print In USA/Canada documents faster than the high quality mode. Although this model is super fast, the quality of the In USA/Canada documents is reduced. Given the importance of document quality, the user has to switch modes.

Eraser mode can be easily configured by selecting the eraser properties and then making the necessary changes.

User can print in draft mode and fix Canon printer slow printing issue by following these steps:

Access the Devices and Printers section from the Control Panel

Right: Click on your Canon printer to open the printer properties.

You will find the Print Quality or Draft or Fast tab. Open any tab you can find.

Select Draft, and then check the “Always print with current settings” box.

click OK.

Turn off automatic 2-sided printing: For slow printing, we recommend turning off the automatic 2-sided printing option. The automatic two-sided printing option takes longer to print. Disabling this option will fix the slow printing issue.

First, open the Control Panel from the Run dialog.

Visit the Canon printer properties settings and click on the “Device Settings” tab.

Here, uncheck “Allow manual duplex printing”.

Finally, click on the “OK” option and you are done disabling the “Auto Duplex” option.

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Don’t forget to check the wireless connection issue – a poor wireless connection also causes slow printing. Test the wireless connection by following these simple steps:

Check the power of the router

Make sure the distance between the printer and the router is very small.

Set up an Ethernet cable between your router and Canon printer for an instant connection.

Proper Use of Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges: In USA/Canada Duplicate ink cartridges also often lead to the problem of slow printing on Canon printers. So, in this case, the user needs to make sure the ink cartridge he is using is original or not. You can check this with the help of Canon printing professionals.

Disable Quiet Mode: When the Canon printer’s “quiet mode” is enabled, it forces the printer to take longer than usual to print. Turning off the mode will definitely fix the problem.

First, go to Control Panel > Device and Printer > “Printer Properties” settings.

Now open the “Maintenance” option and select “Silent Mode”. After that, select the “Do not use silent mode” option and click “Submit”.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation message in the next few seconds. Click “OK” and silent mode will be disabled.

Update or reinstall Canon printer driver: With these steps user can easily update or reinstall Canon printer driver.

First, visit the “Control Panel” and open the “View devices and printers” option. After that, right-click on the name of your Canon printer and select the “Remove device” option. Restart the device and the user will get a new driver installation notification. However, if the notification does not appear on the screen, then the user can perform a simple reinstallation from the Control Panel section.

Hope the above steps in this article help our users to fix Canon printer slow printing issue. However, for all other questions relating to Canon printers, please contact the professionals via the number displayed on the screen.

What to do If My Canon Printer Print Slowly In USA/Canada.

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