Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly ?

In this article, we will discuss the common reasons “Canon printers do not print properly”. Therefore, we have outlined solutions and steps to resolve these printer issues.

Canon printer does not print.

Follow the steps below to solve “Canon printer not printing correctly” and “Canon printer not printing in color” problems.

1. Set Canon as the default printer.

• Open the control panel on the computer as shown below.

• Click on “Devices and Printers”.

• Now check if Canon printer is default among all available printers.

• If the Canon printer is not selected as the default printer, click the printer named “Canon Printer” and select “Set Default”.

• When setting a Canon printer as the default printer, make sure the Canon printer has a green icon.

2. Select “Offline Status”: Canon printer is not printing due to offline problem

To change printer settings online, follow these steps:

• Type Control Panel in the Windows search engine.

• In the displayed results, click Control Panel.

• Click on “Devices and Printers”.

• Find your Canon printer in the Printer menu and right-click on it. Then select Show Effects.

• Now make sure “Use printer offline” is disabled. If you select √, click to remove it.

3. Remove the print job from the print queue In USA/Canada.

If print jobs are stuck on the print line, you may experience problems with your Canon printer that does not print in color.

To delete a print queue:

• Open Control Panel in Windows search.

• Type services field.msc and press Enter.

• In the Service window that opens, scroll down to Background Printers and click Stop.

• If the background printing service is stopped, open the Start window.

• Then enter the coil in the field and press Enter.

• Open the Printers folder.

• Delete all files in this folder.

• After deleting the file, close the folder in the path.

• Return to the Services window. Then click on the “Spooler” program and select “Start”.

• Now try printing to restore the printer to normal mode.

4. Restore the printer driver

See Black and White Printing for detailed steps to update the printer In USA/Canada driver. It is very important to keep your printer drivers up to date because an outdated driver can cause the “Canon printer” problem.

5. Turn off the oven for a while

To resolve the problem, close your computer’s firewall and try printing again.

Disable Windows Firewall:

• Type “Windows Defender Firewall” in the search box and click.

• Then in the left pane of the window, click to turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

• Then turn off Windows Defender firewall for public and private websites. Then click OK to confirm the changes.

6. Check the printer status on the back

• First, open the Control Panel from the Start window.

• Now type services.msc and press enter.

• Go to Printer Background, right click and select Properties.

• Then go to the General tab. Here, under Service Status, locate and click Stop and then click OK.

• Change the background printer startup type to Automatic and click OK.

• Then click Start and then click OK.

• Restart the printer and check the print status.

I hope these steps will help you solve the “Canon printer not printing” problem.

If you still can’t solve the problem, check your printer with our diagnostic tool.

Canon printer won’t print blacks – how to fix it

There are many reasons why a pen cannot print black. One of the most common reasons is that if you don’t use the pen every day, the ink can dry up.

Otherwise, a problem with the cartridge or copier may cause printing problems. In the next section, we explained how to configure this non-black Canon printer.

Follow these steps to ensure your Canon printer prints in black

1. Use the old printer switch

You can update older or older versions of the driver by following these steps.

• Go to the Windows search and type Run to open the dialog box

• Type “devmgmt.msc” in the search box and press Enter on your keyboard.

• When the Device Manager window opens, locate and expand text or text stanzas.

• Next, right-click the Canon printer and select Update Driver from the list.

• Click Automatically Get updated driver software to continue.

• Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. In USA/Canada This way, you can verify driver updates through Device Manager.

2. Clean the printhead – deep cleaning

You can use printer cleaning software to fix the Canon black printer problem by doing the following:

• First open the printer.

• Make sure the printer has at least 5 sheets of A4 paper.

• Then open the paper output and open the output settings.

• Then select Add to start the purge process.

• You should now see the device icon on the installation screen, click on it.

• When the toolbar is open, go to the configuration tab and click “OK” to open it.

• When the maintenance menu opens, select Deep Cleaning and click OK. Select Yes to confirm, and then click OK.

• Finally, the printer starts cleaning. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

After completing this process, restart the printer and make sure that the issue of the Canon printer still producing black ink has been resolved.

3. Use initials as stationery

If you are not using a real card, your printer may have this problem. So it’s important to use the right cards. Canon printers do not print black and white with two cards.

4. Configure the printers accordingly

Installing the wrong printer can cause the Canon printer to fail with black errors.

Therefore, proper planning is required which can be done by following the below guidelines – .

• First start the printer and place the paper in the paper tray.

• Then go to the “Insert” button and click on it to open the list of options.

• Select a device here and click “Configure Printer”.

• The printer will now print the page layout. Click “OK” to complete the configuration.

Outlined below are the main reasons to fix the issue of the In USA/Canada Canon printer not printing in color and black.

• A print job is added to the print queue.

• Included paper increases the printer’s printing capacity.

• Driver or wireless system problems prevent the printer from printing.

• The printer power supply is variable

• The mobile printer is not integrated with the Cannon printer.

• The printer firmware and firewall are not installed properly.

• Canon printer discs are regularly replaced.

• The paper fed into the printer does not match the width of the printer.

• The Canon printer cannot establish a secure Wi-Fi connection.

• No network assignment is listed for your printer.

• Too many printers on the same network cannot print because of a network outage.

• Canon printers do not run outdated software.

• The password for the network key is incorrect.

• Passwords are incorrect.

• The tape program itself is not good.

• Canon printheads are dusty and require maintenance and cleaning.

Above are the main reasons why the Canon printer does not print black.


The Canon printer is a smart modern printer that allows you to print from any device, including laptops, phones and tablets. Canon users often face issues when trying to connect a printer to their device.

This article, therefore, describes all these problems and their solutions.

Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly In USA/Canada.

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