Canon Printer Offline Error – How to Get it Online on Windows & MAC

This article focuses on the “My Canon printer is disabled” error. The following section describes the main causes of the offline error. In the article, we have also explained effective quick troubleshooting steps for Windows and Mac operating systems.
Steps to Fix “Canon Printer Disabled” Error in Windows 10
First, check if there is any basic connection problem that could be showing Canon Printer Offline status in Windows 10 and 11. So, make sure that the printer is properly connected to the computer and connected to it with a USB cable or wireless network cable.
Method 1: Make sure the Canon printer is set as the default printer.
Your Canon printer may show an offline error message due to incorrect settings on your computer. Then check your Windows 10/11 settings and make sure your printer is selected as “Default Printer”.
Follow these steps to set up a standard Canon printer:
• From Windows search, open “Control Panel” and go to “Devices and Printers”.

• Then in the printers that appear, right-click on the Canon printer and select “Set Default”. Once the printer is set as the default, a green check mark will appear on it.

Method 2: Disable “Use printer offline” mode.
Follow these steps to ensure that your Canon printer is free of offline Canon printer errors.
• First, restart the printer and open the start window from the Windows search bar.
• Then open Control Panel and select Devices and Printers.
• The installed Canon printer will appear on the screen.
• If the printer has a green icon, right-click the printer icon and select Print Preview.
• However, if the printer is disabled, right-click and select Set as default printer. See image below.

• As a final step, click on the printer option in USA / Canada and if you see two ticks next to “Use Canon printer offline” or “Stop printing”, uncheck them to bring the printer back online from the line.

Method 3: Make sure the Canon Print Spooler service is enabled:
Make sure Canon Print Spooler Server is enabled. If it is “OFF”, your Windows 10/11 system will show “My Canon printer is disabled” error.
Next, make sure the Spoler service is enabled as follows:
• Go to the window’s search bar and open the Run dialog box. Then type “services.msc” and press Enter.

• Now in the “Properties” window find the “Print Spooling” option.
• After detecting the marshalling service, make sure it is in “working” mode.
• If the status is Offline, right-click Print Spooler and select Start.

• To restart the routing service, right-click Print Pending and select Restart.

• Now close the Properties window and check the status of the printer. You should now be online.
I hope you can follow these steps to fix “Canon printer appears offline in Windows 10” error.
The Canon printer is offline so it hasn’t been fixed yet. Run our diagnostic tool
Printer diagnostic tool
Method 4: Corrupt or outdated printer drivers can cause Canon printer offline errors.
Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can cause “Canon printer still works offline in Windows 10” status. Be sure to install and update the appropriate printer drivers for your system. You can update it manually or automatically.
To update your Canon printer driver, follow these steps:
• First, go to the Windows search box and open the Run dialog box.
• Then type “devmgmt.msc” in the Run dialog box as shown in the image below.

• The Device Manager window will then open. Here, expand “print queues” and find your Canon printer in the list.

• Next, right-click on the Canon printer model and select Update Driver from the menu.

• Next Click “Auto Search” to update the driver software, then restart the computer. These steps will fix Canon Windows 10 offline printer issue.

How to Fix “Canon Printer Remains Offline” Error on Mac
Follow these two steps to fix “Canon printer shows in USA / Canada offline” error on Mac
1- Reinstall the Apple Printing System
Incorrect network settings can affect the printing system and cause Canon printers to appear offline on Mac. So, to fix this error, follow these steps:
• First go to the Apple menu

• Then select System Preferences.

• Then click on Printers and Scanners.

• A pop-up window will then open on the right. Right-click and select Reset Print System.

• The system will ask you to enter your username in USA / Canada and password. Enter both credentials.
• Click OK.
• Wait for the list of printers to open.
• Then add the printer again with the “+” sign.
• The printer has changed from “online” to “offline” and is ready to print.
2- USB connection mode to restore the printer from “offline” state to “offline” state.
• First, restart the Canon printer by pressing the power button.

• Go to MAC System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and remove the printer from your Mac.

• Then uninstall the Canon printer driver from “Utility”.

• Now disconnect the Mac and the printer with the USB cable.
• Then download the latest Canon printer driver from the website (depending on the model number of your Canon printer) and install it on your Mac.
• Press and hold the power button to restart the Canon printer.
• Reconnect your Mac to the printer using the USB cable.

• Next, tap the Apple menu and open System & Settings. Open “Printers and Scanners” and add a new printer with the “+” sign.

• Finally, the Canon printer status will be “online” and ready to use.
This article provides simple steps to fix Canon printer not connected error on Windows and Mac operating systems. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Canon Printer Offline Error – How to Get it Online on Windows & MAC in USA / Canada

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