Why Does Epson Printer Go ‘Offline’ ? What Are The Ways To Get It Back ‘Online’ ?

Most users experience an “automatic” issue at some point when using a printer. This article explains “Why Epson Auto Error”. We also describe the simple solution for these offline issues.
Here are some reasons why Epson printers are available online:
• If the Epson printer displays an Offline message, there is a communication problem between the Epson software and your computer.
• Your Epson printer cannot communicate with your computer due to hardware or software problems.
• Inserting or slow spooling can cause the printer to stop.
• Incorrect printer setup, if the printer is not selected as the “main printer”, the printer can connect.
• Older printers may lock the printer.
Here are some ways to resolve the question “Why is my Epson printer offline?”
How to Fix “Epson Printer Says Offline” Problem in Windows 10
Use an offline printer.
Change Epson printer from “offline” to “online” Windows 10 step by step
• Restart your Epson machine and wait a minute for the initialization to complete.

• Make sure your Epson printer is connected to your computer and a network is connected.

• Log in to the computer using the administrator account.
• Go to the Start menu and open the “Run” dialog box and open the control panel type.

• Click “Devices and Printers”. The list of printers will now appear.

• Right-click the Epson printer and select Printer Type.

• Click on the printer and select “Use a printer offline”. EPSON printers are now available online.

After completing these steps, your Epson printer will be repaired and brought back online.
Join or suspend queue service
User may get “Epson Offline Windows 10” error due to workstation crash. To resolve this issue, follow these steps-
• Go to “Run”, type “Services.msc” and click “OK”.

• The compose window will open. From there, go to “Print to Printer” and the status will be “Done”. If it is not normal, right-click the Print button on the printer and click Start to work again.

• Close this window and see if the following steps will restore your Epson printer to the Internet
So, I hope these steps will help you to fix “Epson Printer Offline Windows 10” issue.
Remove all text work – spelling
Sometimes, if the printer freezes and indicates that it is offline, stop the printing process by doing the following:
• open the current search box by first typing services.msc and pressing Enter to open the toolbar window.

• Now highlight the location and right-click to open the Press Stop tool and click OK.

• Now open Windows File Explorer and type the following -%windir%System32\spoolPRINTERS in the address bar.
• Select and delete all files in the printer folder
• Now go back to the properties and click on the launch option and click OK.

• Now restart your phone and computer, make sure the printer is working and it should work fine now.

Check and make sure the printer is set to default mode.

In many cases, your Epson printer is disabled in USA / Canada because it is not set as the default printer on your Windows system.
Follow the steps below to set your Epson printer as your default printer:
• First, open the Run dialog box in Windows Search.
• Then type “control” and press enter.

• Now focus on “Devices and Printers” in the following windows and click there.

• In the next window with a list of printers, select your printer, right-click on it, and make sure the “Set as default printer” box is checked. If not, select an option.
• You should now be able to see a green check mark on the printer icon.

• Finally, your Epson printer reports that the offline mode issue has been resolved.
Sometimes the “Epson printer says it’s offline” problem occurs due to an error in the printer driver:
Outdated or corrupt printer drivers can prevent your printer from printing. This problem can be solved simply by updating or reinstalling the drivers. Follow these instructions to reinstall the printer driver:
• First, open “Control Panel” from the “Start” menu.

• Now open “Add/Remove Programs” and right-click the Epson printer driver in the program list. After that, click “Uninstall” from the pop-up menu to remove the old printer driver.
• Then go back to Devices and Printers and click Add Printer.
• In the next window, click Add network, wireless printer, or Bluetooth.

• Depending on the model number of your Epson printer, install the software in Windows.
• After the installation is complete, restart the system to check if the “Epson printer goes offline in Windows 10” issue is resolved.
Check the connection between the Epson printer and the computer.
The “Epson printer is disabled” problem mainly in USA / Canada occurs in Windows 7, 8 and 10. It occurs when the computer cannot communicate with the printer.
However, this offline issue can be easily resolved by making sure that your Epson printer and computer are securely connected via USB. If the cable is defective, replace it with a new one. I hope this solves the Epson printer disconnection issue on Windows 10.
Fix “Epson printer is still disabled due to MAC address problem”
If the printer is not set up or connected correctly, an “Offline” message is displayed from the printer on your Mac. So, below we explain the solution to “Epson printer is offline” problem on a Mac device:
Reset Apple MAC printing preferences:
A poor internet connection can damage your printing system and cause your Epson printer to appear as “Offline” on your Mac. To resolve these issues, follow these steps:
• Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

• Go to the “Printers and Scanners” section.

• In the next window, right-click on the displayed Epson in USA / Canada printer and select the Reset Printing System option.

• Enter your Mac username and password as prompted in the following pop-up window.
• Then press the OK button.
• Now wait a moment until the list of printers is displayed again.
• Then add the Epson printer using the “+” icon.

• Your Epson printer will now return to Online mode. You can do a print test to see if it prints well.
To remove an additional printer from a MAC device:
Sometimes the “offline” issue occurs on a Mac when the same printer is installed multiple times. Follow these steps to resolve “Epson printer reports network disconnection on MAC address” issue:
• Go to Apple Menu>System & Settings>Printers & Scanners.
• A list of printers will appear in the Printers and Scanners section.
• Remove the optional optional printer by clicking on the printer and selecting the “-” sign in the lower left corner of the screen.

• Now set Epson Idle printer as default printer.
• Finally, restart the printer. This should fix the “Offline” error on the printer.
Conclusion. In this article, we have discussed all the problems that can cause your Epson printer to stop working. In addition, we also explain the solutions to these problems for MAC and Windows. So you don’t have to worry about disconnecting your Epson printer.

Why Does Epson Printer Go ‘Offline’ ? What Are The Ways To Get It Back ‘Online’ in USA / Canada

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