Epson printer reset settings

In this article we explain step by step how to easily reset your Epson printer to factory settings:

Method to reset Epson printer

There are three methods you can use to learn how to factory reset your Epson printer:

1. From the printer control panel:

First, press the Start button (3) to open the in USA/Canada Start menu on the printer control panel.

Now open the settings menu using the navigation keys and click “OK”.

Then use the navigation keys again to find “Restore Defaults”.

Choose one of these configuration options:

Wi-Fi/network settings

copy the settings

scan settings

Fax Settings:

Erase all data and settings in USA/Canada.

Choose Yes to restore the selected settings, then restart the printer.

Therefore, by following the instructions above, you can easily reset your Epson printer to factory settings or default settings.

2. Use the Epson Printer Reset Settings Adjust Utility:

How to reset to factory settings Epson printer problem can be solved as follows:

First, download the latest version of Epson’s optimization program and install it on your system.

Run the program and then click on the “Choose” option.

The selection menu will now appear on the screen. Now click on the model number of the printer and the port through which the printer is connected to the computer.

Now click OK”.

Click Special Settings Mode.

Now a new window will open on your screen. Click the Ink Pad Used Count option (in the Maintenance section).

Click the OK” button.

Now look for the “Main Stamp Pad Counter” in USA/Canada option. From there, click the “Start” button.

Then find the “Finish” button and click on it.

Finally, restart the printer.

Now your “Epson Printer Reset” has completed successfully.

 3. Readjust the printer settings using the reset button:

Follow these steps to reset Epson printer from admin settings:

First turn off the printer with the power switch.

Now locate the factory reset button on the back of the printer. Hold it in place with a pen or clip.

Then turn on the printer but hold down the reset button for about 5-10 seconds.

Once the warning page has printed, release the reset button in USA/Canada.

After some time, a new page will be printed with the printer’s default ID address.

Your Epson printer will now restart.

So by following these simple steps, you can fix “How to reset Epson printer to factory settings or default settings”.

Why do I need to reset my Epson printer?

There can be many reasons for Epson printer settings reset, such as: eg.:

The software doesn’t work properly.

The printer turns on and off automatically.

To get rid of messages like “Printer maintenance required”.

The printer is not working properly.

Therefore, “Reset Epson Printer” can fix all the above problems without much effort.


This was a simple step by step guide on how to reset your Epson printer to factory settings or default settings. Follow the steps outlined to complete the process.

Epson printer reset settings in USA/Canada.

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