How to Connect a Ricoh Wireless Printer to a Computer

This article describes how to connect a Ricoh printer to a wireless network. Therefore, before starting the process, prepare the printer by unpacking it and connecting the power cable.

A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Ricoh Printer on a Computer

First, make sure you have connected your Ricoh printer to a Wi-Fi network, in USA and Canada. as a direct connection may not work. Follow the steps below to establish this connection.

Connect your Ricoh printer to Wi-Fi

The first step is to download the printer driver. This allows you to effectively use it with your wireless network when needed.

Press the power button to turn on the printer.

Press the power button on the Ricoh printer.

Then press the printer’s power button for about two to three seconds. If the printer light is solid blue, Wi-Fi is enabled to use the printer.

blue light flash

Now install the downloaded printer driver. Alternatively, you can also install it from a CD.

Now connect the printer via Wi-Fi after completing the printer setup.

Then select the Wi-Fi Settings option from the Settings menu.

Now accept the terms of use from the menu and select an access point from the list.

Now click and in the dialog that appears, enter the network key or password.

Then select the appropriate printer and click Next.

Once the printer is installed, the Ricoh printer driver icon will appear on the desktop.

Always remember that a wireless router is an access point as it keeps your Ricoh network printer running smoothly and efficiently.

Before setting up your wireless printer, it is important to configure it for installation. This can be done by doing the following:

Remove the ink cartridge packaging as each cartridge is individually packaged.

Now open the printer cover in front of you and remove all the ink cartridges by pulling them towards you.

Now remove the adhesive tape and insert the new cartridge in USA and Canada. into the printer.

Once the cartridges are in place, they will definitely click.

Insert the cartridge into its slot.

Ink is applied from left to right. Close the front panel. Restart the ink CPU.

Then click on the system menu button in the top right corner.

Now press enter as this will reset the printer ink.

Press Enter to return to run mode. It helps you print documents efficiently.

Additional steps to connect a Ricoh printer:

Launch Control Panel and click Devices and Printers.

device and printer

Select the “Add printer” option and select your printer from the list of available ones.

Now click on next and install the driver as this will establish a connection between the computer and the printer.

If you are adding the printer to a network share, you must match the printer’s IP address to the computer’s IP address for this function to work.

How to connect a Ricoh printer to an Ethernet network?

Connect your Ricoh printer to your Wi-Fi router as described above.

Install the printer driver and update the printer software on your computer.

Press the power button to turn on the printer. This enables wireless networking on the printer.

You must agree to all terms and conditions to continue printing with your Ricoh printer.

Ricoh printer has 2 modes: infrastructure mode and ad hoc mode, where ad hoc mode creates a direct

connection between printer and computer. This connection can be made as follows:

First, download Ricoh’s driver download page in your Internet browser.

Then type your printer name in the search bar; Select your menu from the drop-down menu.

Now click on the printer name in the drivers section, download the installation file and run it. After running this file, the Ricoh printer is ready to print wirelessly.

The Ricoh printer is a multifunctional printer and a range of scanners and copiers. in USA and Canada. This brand of printer comes with a network printer so you can connect to a wireless network.


Wireless printing technology allows users to print remotely as they are no longer tied to a USB cable. As long as your smart devices are connected to the internet and the printer, you can print from anywhere. Interestingly, laptops, notebooks, cell phones and other devices have Bluetooth and WiFi technology.

With a Wi-Fi enabled printer, you can print any type of document from a phone or other device. You must be in the print area to print. Now you can print directly from your phone without having to worry about downloading content to your computer before printing.

Wi-Fi printers can connect to multiple printers at the same time. Wi-Fi printing is very easy as it makes it easy to share printers. Plus, you can easily send your documents to a printer for printing.

How to Connect a Ricoh Wireless Printer to a Computer in USA and Canada.

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