Why doesn’t my HP printer print after replacing the ink cartridge?

You recently encountered problems with your HP printer. Somehow he realized it was a cartridge and managed to replace it. Even after replacing the cartridge with a new one, you are faced with a new cartridge that does not print hp.

There are several unfinished tasks that you want to complete. Some documents in USA/Canada need in USA & Canada to be printed immediately, so you want to fix the problem right away. When you replaced the old cartridge with a new one, you expected the printer to work perfectly.

But for some reason that didn’t happen. Still facing the same problem of new ink cartridge not printing,

HP no longer prints. There are two possibilities here:

One of the first possibilities is that the printer is faulty.

Another possibility is that you did something wrong and it didn’t work perfectly.

You must remember that the printer is a smart device and therefore it identifies the ink cartridge of the printer. The printer is not yet ready to believe that the cartridge is not empty and therefore the ink is not responding. This is one of the most common problems people face when replacing a blocked HP printer cartridge themselves. You must have missed something.

The new ink cartridge does not print The HP problem returns:

The most important thing is to check in USA/Canada the ribbon on the printer cartridge. Some manufacturers often offer new HP printer cartridges with a small piece of tape. This is a type of control strip attached to the nozzle opening to check if ink is overflowing.

This tape is usually applied to most new HP printer cartridges. The maintenance tape prevents ink from flowing out of the printer through the nozzle area. This is usually done by manufacturers upon delivery.

So unless a professional replaced the printer cartridge, you may not have removed the tape. If you haven’t removed this strip, it’s likely that your printer’s ink is clogged. This means that the printer runs out of ink in the nozzle in USA & Canada area and your hp printer stops printing, so you have to start printing again, remove the tape and reinstall the cartridge.

The reset function must be performed for new non-HP ink cartridges.

If you replaced the old cartridge with a new one, the printer may not recognize the new cartridge. So the meter always reads ink as empty. There are several HP printers with recovery options. After activating this feature, the printer will immediately identify the new cartridge.

If there is a problem with a new ink cartridge that no longer prints, you will in USA/Canada need to reset the printer settings for the new cartridge so that the printer can recognize it. To perform this function, you need to press and hold the eject or load button for a few seconds. When you lift the cartridge cage, you need to make sure the cartridge is secure.

Avoid ejecting the cartridge again and press the ejector’s reload button again. Now go to the reset cartridge option and click again to let the printer detect the new cartridge.

After performing this function, the printer should continue printing normally.

Run the cartridge cleaning cycle again to prevent the new HP cartridge from printing.

If there is a blockage in the printer nozzle, it must be removed so that the ink in USA & Canada can flow normally. This should be done even if the new cartridge has not been used for a long time. Ink may be clogged and not flow normally.

You can try better by doing a long cleaning cycle. This simple process will prevent the new hp ink cartridge from printing and the hp printer will detect the new cartridge and begin printing again. Every HP printer has a long clean button that needs to be pressed for a few seconds.

After the cycle is complete, try printing a few pages to see the print results.

Why doesn’t my HP printer print after replacing the ink cartridge in USA & Canada.

Why doesn’t my HP printer print after replacing the ink cartridge in USA/Canada.

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