Why isn’t my Brother printer connected or working with my Mac?

The most common reason your Brother printer isn’t working or connecting to your Mac is due to a broken connection between the printer and Mac.

There are two main common reasons for this:

The first reason is incorrect printer driver settings and configurations.

Another reason is faulty or outdated printer drivers.

There are several ways to solve the above problems.

Steps to connect Brother printer to MAC:

Sometimes a Brother printer user encounters an issue where the printer is unresponsive to the MAC device. So I have mentioned some troubleshooting steps to connect Brother printer to Mac:

Select the Apple menu and click System Preferences.

Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Now click on the Printers and Scanners in USA/Canada. option and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

printers and scanners

Hold down the Ctrl key on your Mac

Then click “Reset Printer” as the printer will be reset without any problems.

How to reset a friend’s printer

After that, remove the printer from the Printers & Scanners panel on your Mac by clicking the “-” sign.

Now add your printer by clicking on the “+” sign.

Finally, select your Brother printer from the list of available printers. Your printer is now set up and ready to use.

Add a Brother printer using Mac System Preferences.

How does my Mac detect my Brother printer?

The Mac operating system comes pre-installed with many printer drivers. The only thing you need to make sure is that the printer can see the Mac device and vice versa. Follow the previous steps to connect the printer.

How to fix “Brother printer is not responding on Mac”:

Follow these steps to fix Brotherprinter not responding on MAC:

The Brother printer must be turned off and on to restart the printer.

turn off the printer

You need to remove the printer from System Preferences before you can add it back to your Mac.

Remove Brother printer from System Preference

Add the Brother printer to your Mac again

Proceed as follows to restart the printer:

Click the Apple menu icon, then click Printers & Scanners.

Right click on the control, click on the list of available devices.

Click “Reset Printing System” and then click the “Reset” button to make sure the printer has been reset.

press the reset button.

Brother printer and Mac won’t connect:

Your Mac will automatically connect the device to your wireless network and download its drivers. Then you need to click on the device and uncheck “Printer will be used offline”.

Your Mac will begin self-repair to allow the printer to repair itself.

Brother offline printers need to restart and restart.

Make sure all USB cables are connected.

There should be no paper jams, make sure the paper is oriented correctly.

Free problem diagnosis in USA/Canada.

Troubleshooting steps for Brother printers not connecting to Mac are as follows:

Follow the steps below if “Brotherprinter won’t connect to MAC”.

Select your printer by clicking the online button and select your Brother printer from the list.

Press the Reset button on the printer.

Open the Apple menu and enter your device settings, then click Print and Test.

Control-click in the right corner to display the printer in the printer list.

Now select your printer from the list. After selecting thein USA/Canada. printer, download and distribute the driver.

You can now continue using the printer after reinstallation.

If you keep getting a printer error, your hardware may be bad. In this case, you can replace the printer under warranty.

Steps to Connect Brother Printer to CD on MAC

First unplug the Brother printer cable from the plug and socket on the printer, then plug them back in and turn on the printer.

Then, insert the CD that came with the printer into your Mac.

The printer driver installer will open. Accept the license terms

Now click on the Apple tab and select System Preferences.

Click Printers and Scanners, and then click the Add (+) button.

Select and add a printer from the available printers. Then the printer setup is complete.

Finally, you can opt out through the system settings.


Your Brother printer is the ideal printer, making it easy to print projects for work, school, and college. In addition to printing, we can download from the printer, the printer uses a USB connection and can also be used wirelessly. The Mac device supports the Dogan printer, but the device is not connected because an open firewall is preventing the printer from printing. There are several ways to effectively fix your Mac that won’t connect to a printer. Faulty hardware, paper jams, outdated software, low toner or ink are the main reasons why a printer can’t print when connected to a MAC and often offline.

Why isn’t my Brother printer connected or working with my Mac in USA/Canada.

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