How to Setup Google Cloud Print on an HP Printer?

In this section, we will see how to enable Google Cloud Print on HP printers that are not supported by standard printers. Using this method, you can print as follows:
First, you must have a Google or Gmail account to use Google Cloud Print. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one when you add your printer to the cloud printing service.
The next thing is to register in the HP cloud. Follow these steps to register your printer to the HP cloud service:
HP ePrint-enabled printers: This method is free and requires a one-time login to the HP cloud to obtain the printer’s email address before printing with Google Cloud Print. Then add the printer to your Google account in USA / Canada using the printer’s email address. And follow the instructions below to complete the registration process.
• Make sure the hp ePrint printer is compatible and registered with HP Connected. If you’re not sure about your printer’s capabilities, visit the Google Cloud Print Compatible Printers site or the Google Cloud Ready Printers site. You can change your eprint hp email address by visiting this page.
• Next, visit the Google Cloud Print website and sign in with your Gmail or Google account. If you don’t need to create it.
• Enter your email address in the appropriate field on the website and click the Add Printer button.
• Then follow the on-screen instructions to connect the cloud printer to print from the cloud.
Classic HP printers. Traditional HP printers do not support ePrint. Follow the steps below to connect this type of printer to Google Cloud Print.
• Setting up Google Cloud Print for HP Classic Series printers requires the Google Chrome web browser to be installed on your computer. If not, you must install it using your computer’s web browser.
• Make sure your HP laser printer has the HP Universal Print Driver and is Postscript compatible.
• To check this, go to and click the Properties tab. See the HP UPD section of the printer catalog for instructions. Also, make sure it is listed in the PS column.
• Then go to Google Cloud Print and add your printer to this list by clicking Add a traditional printer.
• Then sign in to this page with your Gmail account.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your HP Classic printer to Google Cloud Print.

Connect to an HP printer and print using Google Cloud Print:
After reading the above steps, you will understand the steps to install the Hp printer in the Google cloud printing service. Now let’s check the different steps of adding and printing in USA / Canada documents with this cloud printing service.
You can connect your hp printer with computer or android apps. We can see the steps of both processes.
• Using PC or Chromebook: You can connect your hp printer to Google Cloud Printer through Chrome on different platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux. Follow the instructions below
• Turn on the printer and add paper to the input tray.
• Make sure that the ink or toner cartridges are installed correctly in the printer.
• After checking the print settings, go to your Chrome browser and sign in to your Google account. If Chrome is not installed, install it.
• Then select the printer by typing chrome://tools in the address bar and press enter. Please register if you have an update for your printer. When you open My Devices, you can see your printers in Google Cloud Print.
• Make sure the printer is registered in the printer in USA / Canada control panel and follow the instructions on the printed page.
• After authorization, the printer is ready to print with Google Cloud Print.
• Installing Android apps: There are several levels of installing Android apps.
• Turn on the printer and add paper to the input tray.
• Make sure that the ink or toner cartridge is installed in the printer.
• Make sure the printer and Android device are connected to a wireless network.
• Download and install the Cloud Print plugin from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
• After loading the app, open the settings menu and type in the search field.
• Select the Cloud Print tab and click the Add Printer button to add the printer.
• Check the printer registration process in the control panel.
• Follow the instructions on the card that came with the printer.
After completing the steps above to set up Google Cloud Print for HP printers, your printer is ready to print documents, emails, photos and web pages in the best possible way from your computer or Android.
These are the steps you need to follow to print with hp printer and google cloud printer.

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on an HP Printer? in USA / Canada

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